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TTM Kit no. 5 and no. 7 - freight car with brakeman's cab of the FS

Additional Italian freight cars for the Sg 5295: A fast freight train Sg 5295 of reasonable length needs more Italian vehicles. After adding the fine Roco set 76164 consisting out of two matching FFs, now two cars with brakeman's cab are coming to the car park. The TTM Kit no. 5, which unfortunately is out of stock at Duegi Editrice and therefore only available as kit 8703 from Italeri, contains the corresponding variant of the "Carro F". TTM Kit no. 7 adds the "Carro FMA con garitta", which is actually not a pointed roof car, but rather the wodden predecessor of "Carro F" with a modified (higher) roof. Quality and structure of the models meet the high standards already set by TTM Kit no. 1.

My TTM Kit No. 7 unfortunately included one wrong cast, but the friendly customer service of Duegi Editrice sent me the suitable part within a short time from Italy. And fortunately, the Italian publisher adds more than the four necessary decals of brake markers to their model kits, so the surplus copies can be wonderfully used when assembling the Italeri 8703: Why Italeri includes only inverted brake markers, still is incomprehensible to me.

Both models were assembled and painted in the same way as I did on the already introduced TTM Kit no. 1. But when painting the chassis, I did not use masking tape this time, which made the work much easier. According to the instructions given in Italieri's instructions, the wagons were loaded with 40 grams of ballast this time (with the TTM Kit No. 1 I only used 20 grams, which may not be enough).

"Glassing" for the brakeman's cabThe brakeman's cab's windows of both models was fitted with "glassing" using "Micro Kristal Klear". On the left you can see a photo, which was taken directly after applying this transparent curing special adhesive.

Update (as end of July 2018): The handlebars could later be replaced by finer versions. Also the missing side handlebars, which are attached in the original version to the car body, could be added.

My next model with brakeman's cab: This could become the "quaint" Carro FFMA or Ghks. In order to build it, three kits will have to be combined. The car body will be made from the kits 7 and 10, while the appropriate axle holders are taken from kit 9. Unfortunately, kit 7 is currently completely sold out and could only be purchased by me for a hefty surcharge on eBay. And there is another drawback, because the roof of the original FFMA is not identical to that of the FMA: The area between the two lateral center struts is flat on FFMA and also a little bit higher than on FMA, so the sides are more rounded. Therefore I'll have to construct a new roof by using a thin plane from Evergreen.

List of pictures: 
TTM Kit No. 7
TTM Kit No. 7
TTM Kit No. 5