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TTM Kit No. 1 - Freight wagon "Carro F" of FS

Italian wagons for Sg 5295: A series of shots of the emergence of the first "Italian" car in the domestic rolling stock, a "Carro F" of the FS. The car comes from kit No. 1 of TTM (TT Modellismo), which is available in a new edition (with replica of the old axle bearings).

"Carro F" before applying the primerKit No. 1 is currently (as of the 1st quarter of 2018) available for remarkable € 8.50 directly from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a supplier in Germany who still offers this kit, so it was ordered directly in the online shop of the publisher "Duegi Editrice". Of course, the cost of shipping from Italy is more expensive than inland: When ordering four items you pay around 12 euros, from five articles you'll be charged 25 euros.

But once the mail has arrived, the tinkering can start right away. The illustrated instructions do not raise any questions, the casts only have to be cleared of sprues and the finely detailed parts are perfectly fitting. TTM even adds usable plastic wheelsets; for the project presented here, however, they are "stolen" from a decommissioned stake car originating from the Roco "simple series". Later maybe these will be replaced by new wheelsets from Luck according RP25 code 100.

Let's go: The car is assembled and primed, but the mailbox is still waiting for the color RAL 8004 "copper brown", or better: "Rosso Vagone" (by RST Eisenbahnmodellbau). Fortunately, white aluminum (roof) and jet black are available in the craft supplies. These paints and the thinning come as well as the primer, clearcoat and matting come from Weinert.

The brake changers are missing on the photo taken before adding the primer, since etched parts from the AW Lingen (article # 551) are used instead of the plastic parts. Likewise the note holders (item # 527) come from the same manufacturer. Etched coupler handles may follow later (article # 524).

"Carro F" after applying the paintjob"Carro F" after applying the paintjobOn the photos on the right, the car is almost completely painted, the decals are attached. In order to position the decals (use in mid-1972, ie epoch IVa), model photos were used as a guide; at the FS there were probably a lot of variations in this respect. As a ballast two metal angles bought in a DIY store come in handy.

Final step: As soon as the roof is fixed and the brake diverter has received the final color, a matt finish with clear coat is applied. Equipped with axles and clutches, the wagon can then be taken over into the rolling stock. And because it's just so nice, the final aging with pastel chalk takes place over a hot cup of coffee. Mille grazie, Tutto Treno!

List of pictures: 
TTM Kit No. 1
TTM Kit No. 1